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Scent Stories Perfume Sampler - Set of 3

R 240.00

Product Details

A set of 3 Scent Story perfume samples ~  my range of more complex perfumes. The mini glass vials each contain approximately 1ml of perfume and arrive in a Botanical Buddha cotton drawstring bag together with inspiring imagery.

The sample quantity will provide you with several applications and offers the perfect way to experience the scents before considering a purchase of the full 16ml / 0.54 fl oz bottle.

The set includes: Campfire Star Gazing, Moonlight Lake Swimming and Sunshine Meadow Napping.

Campfire Star Gazing
Cosied up with blankets beside the campfire, gazing up at the black sky, lit only by Patchouli and Juniper-scented stars, the night is young and the air herbaceously fresh. The sweetness of summer fading, handing over to autumn hues and the warmth of burning wood. Smoky, peppery flames give way to the rich, evergreen aroma of Fir Needles straddling the majestic mountain ridges ahead.  And as the stars brighten in the darkening sky, the warmth of Tuberose floats off the fire, creating a deeply heady, sensual floral breath of contentment. 

Scent Profile:
Smoky, Leathery, Woody, Floral, Deep, Sensual, Warm 

Moonlight Lake Swimming:
The summer heat faded into dark, with the humidity of the day yielding to crisp herbaceous air and notes of fruity Mandarin intrigue. A full moon rising entices a dip in the lake. Sweet florals and hints of peppermint line the path to the waters edge whilst Pine trees offer their uplifting scent as they bask in the moon's comforting light. The 
Tansy-blue waters break, and below, a world of submerged strokes and twirls of freedom.  Dancing feet and legs meet the moonlit sky, full of pockets of night-blooming Jasmine and a heady warmth of Rock Rose. Silhouetted in the foreground, primal scents of Oakmoss and earth meld together and sustain a liveliness within.  

Scent profile:
Refreshing. Clean. Heady. Sensual. Warm. Musky. Mysterious.

Sunshine Meadow Napping
She lay down and closed her eyes in a meadow of wildflowers. The afternoon sun caressing her cheeks, and the clouds washing back and forth over her like gentle waves. Her thoughts interrupted by a sweet and fruity fragrance of a nearby orchard.
Half asleep and half awake, she couldn't help but notice the sweet dry notes of freshly-rolled hay tickling her nose and the contrast to the green grass aroma beside her. Lavender and Rosemary filled the air too, beckoning a deeper breath of surrender to the wild. Fringed by an old forest, the meadow receives daily coniferous-scented gifts that  sail on the breath of the wind, purifying a wholesome space. And as the sun retreated slowly and the long grass brushed up knowingly against her skin, a bouquet of wanderlust florals danced along the meadow with aromas, soothing yet rousing. A happy union of sun, flower, earth and soul. And there she napped, inhaling not only the scents, but also the sounds. Whole and content.

Scent profile:
Floral, Green, Fresh, Clean, Feminine, Natural

Ingredient Details:
Our blends are made with a nourishing base of Sweet Almond oil, essential oil absolutes and Co2 extracts, botanical waxes, resins, and infused oils.

This perfume is 100% vegan-friendly


To Use:
Apply a few drops of perfume to your wrists or temples and throughout the day as your sense of smell catches the essences, it acts as a wonderful prompt to bring one's awareness back to the present moment.

Mindfully Made:
All products are mindfully handmade in small batches to ensure fresh, high quality perfumes. The Botanical Buddha line of natural oil perfumes were formulated with nature in mind so you can be rest assured that our products are free from parabens, synthetic preservatives, artificial colours or scents. Our products are not tested on animals and never will be. 

Pregnant and/or breastfeeding mothers should consult their health practitioner before using a new essential oil based perfume.

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