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Our Story

Philosophy // Process // Chemistry 

Botanical Buddha is a range of nature-inspired Trail Perfumes and Oils for Body and Mind. We believe that stepping into the wilderness has an ability to awaken the senses and deepen our connection with nature, and ourselves.

To experience the subtle scent of a forest, or the feint waft of oakmoss on a trail or even the scent of summer rain soaking into the soil, is to experience being awake, alive, content! This is the beauty of subtleness + mindfulness. We try to capture these scents in our oils by first heading off on local trails and letting the chemistry of the wild permeate our senses and then, with ideas in tow, settle down to to recipe testing and handcrafting.

Botanical Buddha is therefore, in essence, an alchemy of nature and awareness. The products aim to act as prompts for moments of mindfulness, meditation-on-the-go and subtle uplifting reminders or calming messages to ground and re-centre the mind.

Handcrafted in small batches with 100% natural ingredients, each item is nutrient dense, free of synthetic preservatives, parabens and artificial colors and scents.



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