About Us

Distillers of Mind. Inspired by the Wild.

Inspired by nature’s ability to “just be”, Botanical Buddha’s offerings are rooted with that simple intention ~ to encourage moments of awareness.  When we dip our toes into the forest and bathe in its rivers, we reconnect to that familiar part within all living things, that part that is still, peaceful and pure. With such a distillation of mind, how can we not then, feel the sense of calm of the forest within us? We are nature, after all.
Return to the peaceful and primitive.
Whether you choose to bathe in the healing tonics of mountains, streams or forests, engage in simple soul and self-care rituals or formally sit with the mind in meditation ~ it's all an opportunity to rest in awareness, free of the future, free of the past. It’s an opportunity to know "mind"

Stillness in Ritual. Connection in Nature.

So with that in mind, we invite you to experience our basket of nature-inspired offerings, guided meditations and life-affirming elixirs ~ created and presented as a means for greater connection with our innermost nature.