Learn to Meditate with our 5-Day Mini Mindfulness Course

Meditation is one of the best gifts we can give ourselves. It is a moment of quietness, where we can look inwards and learn to be with whatever arises, pleasant or unpleasant.

Meditation is a practice where we train the mind in being present, observing thoughts without attaching to them. It is a journey where you learn that you are way bigger than your thoughts, your emotions or even your past.

Meditation has many benefits, some of which include:

  • Helps to improve quality of sleep
  • Helps in pain management and relief
  • Helps to improve focus and concentration
  • Helps to reduce stress
  • Helps to manage anxiety and rumination
  • Helps to fight addictions and cravings
  • Helps promote love and kindness

This short 5-day course (which is free!) is a gentle introduction to both mindfulness and meditation. You will receive a daily audio teaching which includes a guided mini-meditation practice. The recordings are less than 12 minutes so you can easily incorporate these little lessons into a gap in your day day, for a moment of learning and a few minutes peace.

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